"What is schizophrenia"

One percent of the total population faces the chronic brain disease known as Schizophrenia. The symptoms may cause thinking disorder, lower concentration, and even hallucinations. 

In a common language, Schizophrenia is a considerable brain functioning disorder that twirls in the ways a person acts and sees reality. People with the problem of schizophrenia, face issues with the proper functioning in society, at work, in education, and in even common relationships. Often, the patient feels frightened and withdraws from the surroundings. The sad truth is that it is a long-lasting disease which is hard to be cured. However, it can be undermined with a proper course o treatment and precautions. 

With the help of detailed researchers, experts have been able to unleash the true cause Schizophrenia.  There have been a variety of studies conducted which includes the study of genetics, behavioral research etc. Schizophrenia is undoubtedly a complex disease, which leads to many misconceptions amidst the sufferers. 

Some of the common myths are:
•    Schizophrenia means two-faced personality or double-personality. 

•    People with Schizophrenia are violent and quite dangerous. 

•    Sufferers live in hospitals and are homeless sick people.

•    They can’t live in groups and amidst family. 

Symptoms of Schizophrenia 

In a disease like Schizophrenia, sufferer face problem in distinguishing between real and non-real experiences. With this much of illness, the frequency and symptoms may change. Also, in patients with schizophrenia, some of the grave symptoms may subdue during the lifetime. Some situations act as a catalyst such as heavy alcohol use, drugs. 

Schizophrenia symptoms can be divided into many categories like:

  • Patients may experience events of Hallucinations, which includes hearing voices, distorted paradigms, unparalleled behaviors and beliefs etc.
  • A diminishing ability to start plans or take initiative. In fact, patients struggle with speaking and defining pleasure. 
  • Disorganized thinking which leads to convoluted thoughts. It also causes trouble with logical thinking. This makes the patient apparent with unacceptable and bizarre behaviors. 
  • Patients deal with problems related to attention and memory diminishing. This leads to lowered levels of academic performances.
Risk Factors with Disease
According to theorists, there are many genetic and environmental factors which can stem the behavior of Schizophrenia. Life problems also play a key role in the onset of above symptoms. There are myriad of facets which adds to causes of this disease. 

Recovery and Rehabilitation
A rewarding treatment can help many patients to live a highly motivated and lively life.  While some of the patients continue with acceptable behaviors, some others need a constant support system to continue with their lives. 

Even after the symptoms are effectively undermined, many therapy sessions can help people to settle down the illness. These therapies are made to help people learn the social skills and lead a peaceful life. 

Often, Schizophrenia coincides with an early and growing age. Because of this, people with the problem may harbor great benefits from the rehabilitation. This is about introducing some life-management skills and completing educational training.

Optimism is an important skill and sword which can help patients, family members deal with the problem in daily life. With the mindful diagnosis and treatment, patients can recognize support in some personal strength.