"Text messages that is sure to make her smile"

 Want to send her lovely text messages and just are unable to understand how to flirt with her to make her smile?  If your intention is to drive a girl for whom you are crazy, you should be aware what to say while exchanging messages. It is important that you say the right things otherwise you end up with backfiring from her. You will be glad that you checked out the text message examples which will act as a guide for you.

Here are some of the examples which will make her smile:

  • I must say that you are looking very beautiful and your mirror is very jealous looking at you.
  • You are insanely beautiful and I am not able to stop thinking about you.
  • I’m growing impatient to see you. Counting down the minutes to see you.
  • I just am getting ready for shower and want you to be with me to have shower together.
  • I was just remembering our last night meeting. You were looking so stunning and beautiful that till now I am not able to get you out of my mind. 
  • You understand me so well and I feel so comfortable with you. Thank you for being part of my life.
  • I never thought I would ever experience and believe in soul mates. You came along my way as a beautiful experience.
  • You are so beautiful and eternal that I cannot take my eyes off you.
  • I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I am in so love with you.
  • I am getting all dirty thoughts today about you. You want to listen some of them?
  • I wish to have a desert. Which flavor you prefer cream or chocolate? I would lick off your body dipped in it.
  • I loved the way you surprised me with your naughty acts. Never thought of you that way. 
  • Looking at you I wander what I did to deserve you. I cannot believe that you are with me. A person whom I always dreamt of.
  • I feel so lucky to have you in my life and know you.
  • You are my lucky charm. Whenever I see you in the morning, you make my day.
  • You are an amazingly beautiful woman. You are my angel fulfilling all my wishes.
  • I really love your simplicity and you are really a wonderful woman in my life.
  • I really hope you rested well because tonight I will not let you sleep and you are definitely draining your energy.
  • I wish to run myself all over your perfectly figured body. 
  • I cannot stop myself thinking my lips on your soft and tender body.
  • I am lost in your eyes. Help me with the directions 
  • If I guess the underwear color you are wearing. Will you take it off for me?
  • The thoughts about you make me arouse for you and want you right now beside me.
  • Let me tell you one thing, my hands and your soft skin would really make a great combination.
  • Show me your perfect smile beautiful; it will light up my room.
  • I am watching the moonlight and wandering what is more beautiful. You or the moon?
  • Being with you makes every thing look beautiful. Life has become more beautiful. Thank you god to send you in my life.
  • God has carved you very beautifully. He has given you the perfect body and a beautiful heart to take care of me.
  • You’re everything to me and I am very lucky to share my life with you.
  • I am in love with the person who is a beautiful creation on earth by god.
  • I wonder what makes you more beautiful, your kindness or your generosity.
  • I wish to get dirty with you in all the ways.
  • For lot many people Disney World is the happiest place but for me being your arms gives me the happiest moments.
  • I am really feeling suck because of work but the thoughts of your beautiful body relieves all my stress. I keep thinking what I want to do with it and fantasize about it.
  • I remember you with every breath I take and wonder have I skipped breathing for a while that it increased the rate of my pulse.
  • You are that amazing human being in my life who came as my blessing to make my life beautiful and worth enjoying. I will always thank god for this.
  • Will you mind spending the night with me? It will be a wonderful night out with me. I will promise you to make it the most amazing night. 

    It is essential to choose the text messages carefully because if your timing is wrong, everything seems to be incorrect. If you are really interested in a girl and want to win over her, it is important to pick up the right time and right message for her. Girls love when guys take the initiative to flirt. Though some messages seem to be intimate and cheesy, they will create wonders if the girl is more interested in you. These flirty messages when used with perfect timing will prove to be the right opportunity to score with a cute girl.

These flirty messages would work as a medicine to cure her stress and make her relieve to certain extent. She will start smiling the way you want her to be. After all life is all meant to enjoy and to add spice more spice and fun, one should sometimes try to be flirty with her girl. She will also like this kind of out of the way approach and she will feel that you are that genuine guy of whom she always dreamt of.

Hope this article has sufficient punch lines to make your girl smile or act as your pocket guide whenever you need it.