" Osteoarthritis and the dangers of it"

Cartilage is an important compound connecting two joints such as the ends of your bones and joints. When there is a wear and tear in the cartilage, you have inflammatory reactions, causing you a condition known as Osteoarthritis.

Amongst the different types of arthritis, OA is the most common form of arthritis. It is also a degenerative and debilitating condition, which deteriorates as you age and become older.

When you do not seek any particular medications for this condition, you are exposed to more severe complications, which may interfere with the quality of your life.

There are things responsible to increase your risk to develop this condition are known as risk factors. The more specific and common type of risk factor is family history or your age. There are also risk factors, which you cannot control. However, risk factors associated with your lifestyle can be changed with medications and awareness. You can reduce certain things like,

·         Overuse of your joints.
·         Overweight and
·         Posture

But, when you overlook its severity, it adds risks to your life; and the complications seem to double with age.

The common problem with Osteoarthritis is pain. It is too exhaustive and debilitating. Sometimes, too much pain stemming from this condition results in depression and anxiety. As per the reports published by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, patients with osteoarthritis in their knees are twice as likely to develop a disability if no proper treatment is applied. Many patients worldwide have no or less mobility in their limbs due to OA. In addition to this, most people with OA cannot have enough strength to perform daily chores in their lives.

These apart, there are many ways through which OA can wreck havoc on your life.

Weight Gain
Weight gain is the most common dangers linked to OA. Pain and stiffness of the joints are so debilitating, that you have little or no desire to perform any tasks. As a result, you put up too much weight. On the other hand, an inability or unwillingness to do any work or take part in workout rips you off from the daily enjoyment of your life. And you develop unhealthy weights. While an extra weight does not do any good to your life, it ups other risks of complications such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and hypertension.

Sleep Deprivation
You cannot have a good night’s sleep or restorative sleep as achy and tender joint pain becomes so intolerable at night. It intensifies your pain more when you have no sleep at all. Stiffness and immobility prevent you from having a comfortable posture in bed.

Effects On Productivity
Since you have a chronic joint pain, you cannot be able to perform everyday’s important chores. As a result, you miss a lot of work each year like others do. You cannot perform chores such as

·         Cooking
·         Household chores
·         Getting dressed

OA affects the formation of cartilage in your joints, and replaces it with sodium urate crystals in the joints. As a result, you have a chronic inflammation, leading to a chronic pain in your joints. This can turn to gout. In such condition, your big toe is affected.
A series of health complications can arise from OA. So, before OA can turn its ugly shape, it is better you get an immediate medical help to treat your conditions.