"can masturbation reduce risk of cancer"

Medical experts have been claiming this for quite a long time that men indulge themselves in masturbation have much lower risks of cancer.

Researchers also found out that ejaculation for at least 21 times a month could wave off the risk of developing a common type of cancer.

These peer-approved reports were published in European urology journal. Some deepen researchers were performed in Harvard and Boston medical schools which were finally published on official NHS site. 

As per the reports, they conducted a research on 31,925 men, who were asked to finish a questionnaire about the repetition of ejaculation. It was conducted in the year 1992. 

At that time, when these men fell in the age group of 20-29, were being monitored till they turned 40-49. That means until the year 2010, they were monitored and by that time, 3,840 were diagnosed with the disease of prostate cancer. 

These findings were reported worldwide and the comparison was between 21-timers and less frequent ejaculations. The final results approved that the danger of prostate cancer was dramatically reduced in men who ejaculated 21 or more times in a month compared to those, who did it below than that. The ejaculation can be from anything, sex or masturbation. 

However, the experiment stands true to its reports, there are factors which we cannot avid. Below are some points which we Don’t Know:
Some things to consider:

•    Till now, it not proved that its actual ejaculation which lowers the risks of prostate cancer. For now, we just know and doctors claim that they’re interlinked. There can be a possibility that, men who do it more live a more comfortable lifestyle and accommodate more healthy habits which subdue the odds.

•    Ejaculation doesn’t guard against the advanced kinds of cancer. There is no concrete answer to this dilemma. 

•    It is not proven if ejaculation in sex and in masturbation has different effects. However, some researchers claim that the formation of semen is different for every method. For example, it is proven that semen during sex has a higher quantity of sperms and also some chemicals. 

•    Not all studies talk about the similar benefits or even any benefits at all. Although, the 2016 study received a hefty amount of attention. That is because it included more people and was more prolonged. But many small level studies do not boast about similar healthy results. A few studies even figured out that men, especially younger men, who masturbated more often had increased risks of prostate cancer. Some studies and researchers face a dilemma, if the factor of age may affect this. 

The studies are still going on which are trying to find a connection ejaculation and prostate cancer risk or health. This assures that, no doctor can suggest you “more sex” or “more me time”, to give a healthy life to your prostate. 

However, they do not claim any health problems either. This means, there is no harm in doing either of them. 

Ejaculating more? Which man would not like to take on that job?