"Can depression lead to a whole array of different psychological problems"

The onset of depression may be due to various mental illnesses, but at the same time depression can result in other psychological problems too.
Depression is a mental condition, in which depressed moods, low self-esteem, loss of interest towards life or pleasure, loss of sleep or appetite and also poor concentration go hand in hand. 

While depression causes a range of mental disorders, it does not share any links to a feeling of contempt. However, in case of depression, the feeling of an intense emotional decline, hopelessness and helplessness are going to impact you as long as you do not find any way out of it, instead of becoming obsolete.

Anyone who experiences depression once in their lives is likely to feel free from the clutches of this nasty disorder, but in most cases more serious occurrences of depression seems to come back again to the victims. This disorder takes more or less a year to go away, but sometimes its prevalence can be fatal as it brings with it other psychological problems for the sufferers. We can observe many of the psychological conditions for patients suffering from a mere depression.

While these conditions are so exasperating for the patients in terms of leading a quality life, it becomes a major health issue to handle with. Fortunately, we have a wide array of treatment and drug therapy options to treat them effectively, and as a result, people affected by this condition can lead a normal and productive life.

Different Psychological Problems Stemming From Depression

Substance Abuse
The first and foremost which pops out in your mind is the disorder of substance abuse. This is directly related to depression, which brings a drastic decline to social, cultural, financial and occupational aspects of an affected individual. Many are found to take help of substance use only to cope with stress and anxiety amongst many reasons.

Anxiety Disorder
It is not always that anxiety is a leading cause of depression. But, most of the time, while depressed moods are the primary suspects triggering depression, in case of anxiety disorder anxiety plays a key role.

Many studies prove that people suffering from depression are likely to develop anxiety disorder later in their lives. It is more dominant in women than men.
Leaving it untreated can lead to increase the level of sufferings.

Panic Disorder
It has its co-relation to depression, and it is closely related to another kind of generalized anxiety disorder. It is characterized by the sudden occurrences of an overpowering sense of terror and fear amongst young adults. The feeling is coupled with other symptoms like headaches, breathing distress, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, sweating amongst others.

Phobic Disorder
There are certain phobias known as the most common type of anxiety. Although it does not involve anything that pose a great danger, people still develop an irrational or unreasonable fear for this. An inability to avoid the fear out of nothing is a clear indication of anxiety response. This expression is coupled by excessive sweating, heartbeat, and nausea.
All these conditions are a serious mental issue, which need immediate medical interventions. With effective treatments, the sufferers can improve their conditions, and lead a normal life.