"Can Binge Drinking Cause You To Gain Weight"

Do you enjoy a night out with your buddies and keep pouring shots back to back down your throat? Maybe, yes. But do you know even a one night of heavy binge drinking aid in putting up too much around your waist line? This is how the stats are showing so. 

Even if you are not a regular drinker, binge drinking once in a month in a large quantity for straight five years can add as much as 10 pounds of fat to your waistline.
Having an idea about how many calories you take from alcohol is helpful. In regard to this, alcoholic calorie calculator shows exact calorie counts for alcohol beverages.

According to that calculator as reported by NIAAA, it focuses on the pattern drinking behavior of the consumer. Binge drinking as referred to as a pattern drinking works heavy on the blood alcohol concentration levels, and brings its level to 0.08g/dL. This indicates gulping a few numbers of drinks within two hours.

At the same time, this calculator is useful in identifying the number of calories you consume for five different types of alcohol beverages.

Gauging How Many Calories Do You Put On Around Your Waistline?
Although the counts are not exactly in compliance with alcohol consumption, they give you some useful hints so that you can refrain yourself from a heavy drinking every month.

Let us start with the beers. When you drink as small as 12 ounces of a beer serving, it is likely to add 153 calories. And a set of five drinks with same amount gives you a total of 765 calories.

Now come shots. Take any type of shots-be it a vodka, tequila, gin, whisky, or rum; a shot weighing 1.5 ounces comprises 97 calories. And when you take five shots of such drinks, it raises the total volume to 485 calories.

You may think they are mere numbers, and still not that intimidating for your weight gain. You can bet it for a weekend fun. But, in a broad spectrum these numbers can be frightening when you get the real data.
In case of beers, if you continue to add 765 calories worth of beer every month for a year, you are likely to add an additional 9180 calories in a year. While you know 35, 00 calories make up one pound, so you are going to add 2.6 pounds to your waistline, when you drink five drinks every month for a year. However, the number of calories for shots is little less than beers. Still, they add 5,820 calories, amounting to a total of 1.6 pounds of weight gain.

So, it is a clear indication how binge drinking adds to your weight gain.

In addition to this, weight gain is not only a concern linked to binge drinking. There are more to it. The occasional heavy drinking once a month is more likely to increase the risks of hypertension by 70 percent. Even a small binge drink is heavier on your immune system, making you weak to suffer from illnesses beyond just hangovers.
The occasional indulgence is fine, but overdoing something is wrecking heavy on your health. So, be careful.