"Best Food To Fight Aging"

The mantra for living longer lies in the process of restricting the entire process of aging. This does not mean, with the times you do not age. Of course, you age, but you stop those wrinkles and all the stuff which makes you look older. There are some things, like preventive medical care, diet or exercise to aid your endeavor to fight aging. Well, when you love to eat good food for your health, you can have some good news too.

Scientists at Pennsylvania State University reported in their latest medical research that we can achieve the goodness of anti-aging only by consuming a simple food. Since most of us take simple food without thinking too much over their effects on health, they can be beneficial to our health as well. The study reported that any simple food contains a high level of antioxidants best known for reducing the aging process is wired to offer health benefits for Alzheimer’s, heart diseases and also cancer.

We are uncovering a few lists of simple foods to look younger and defy the onset of aging.  Know them to ease your blemishes and wrinkles and stay younger.

This fruit is a great source of vitamin C, known for its amazing anti-aging benefits. It reduces the fine lines or commonly known as wrinkles from your skin caused due to the glaring sun. The juice of pomegranate extracted from its seeds contains the richness of ellagic acid and punicalagin. The former is infused with a polyphenol compound fighting the damages caused due to free radicals. The latter comprises a supernutrient to increase the capacity of collagen in your skin.
So, every week get a cup of pomegranate juice with seeds too.

Kale And Spinach
These leafy veggies are of a great use for your skin. Kale is enriched with antioxidants or phytonutrients, which provides you a safeguard against the sun damages. On the other hand, spinach contains beta-carotene and lutein, which improves the skin’s ability to stay smooth and flexible.

Every week you must target to have three cups of spinach or kale. There are other variants too. You can opt for kale chips as well.

Cold Water Fish
Fatty acids work better to reduce the redness on the skin. And the best resources for these compounds are sea fishes like sardines, salmon, and mackerel. Consuming these fishes can help you solidify your skin’s cell membrane and moisturized them. Make sure to have two servings of these foods once a week to reduce the onset of any skin inflammation.

Green Tea
Diminish your brown spots on the skin by sipping the fantastic brew of green tea. Reverse the aging effects by drinking at least a cup of tea per day. Its key compounds like catechins and antioxidants fight hyperpigmentation as well as free radicals.

This refreshing and sweet fruit is a rich resource of antioxidants and vitamin C to fight free radial to stop the sun damage. Other resources like lycopene and potassium help regulate the balance of moisture in your skin.
Have at least one cup of watermelon each week.